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Vridha Badri


Near Joshimath About 7km far from Joshimath city

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Vridha Badri is located at Animath in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. This Vridha Badri shrine dates to the time when India was under the rule of the Gupta Dynasty. It is believed that the Vridha Badri is one of those “Sapt Badri” temples in the Badrikshetra.

The Vridha Badri has a significant place in Hindu mythology. The name Vridha Badri originates from the appearance that of an elderly man where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in this. It is located just ahead that of Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple, ahead of Helang. Its elevation Vridha Badri is 1380m within Animath.

Mythology of Vridha Badri

The myth of Vridha Badrri is that the legendary sage Narad chose to do an act of penance in this location to bless Lord Vishnu. The the Lord Vishnu showed up to Narad in disguise as an older man, and responded to his prayers. So, the image of Lord Vishnu as an elderly man was made by Vishwakarma who was the creator of Gods and Goddesses.

The Lord’s idol Vishnu was buried in Animath till it became submerged. It was discovered at the end of the eighteenth century Adi Shankaracharya, who was spreading the principles of Hinduism throughout the remote regions of India. He found that the god of Lord Badri with the figure of Vridha Badri and then reinstalled it within the temple grounds. It is considered that the first idol for Lord Vishnu constructed through Vishwakarma is now housed in the principal Badrinath temple.

Best Time to Visit Vridha Badri

The Vridha Badri Temple is open all year round. However, the best time to go visit Vridha Badri is in the months of May through October. It is not recommended go to the shrine during monsoon season because the region is susceptible to floods and landslides. It is also possible to experience huge snowfalls in winter time. You can pick the months in accordance with your needs.

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Sapt Badri near the Vridh Badri

Another Sapt Badri lie in a close proximity to the Vridha Badri. It is possible to travel to of the Sapt Badri when you are at Vridha Badri. Vridha Badri.

Adi Badri: The Adi Badriis located at the distance of 101km to Vridh Badri. This is the first temple in those of the Sapt Badri Temples of India.

Bhavishya Badri: The Bhavishya Badri is situated at 23km away from Vridha Badri. According to legends Lord Badri will reside at Bhavishya Badri at the close of Kaliyug.

Yogadhyan Badri: Yogdhyan Badri is located 23 kilometers far from Vridha Badri. It is believed that this was the location in which Pandavas were born. Pandavas were born, and Pandu gained salvation and passed away in this place.

Dhyan Badri: The Dhyan Badri is located at 29 km far from Vridha Baddri. There is a black stone statue of Lord Vishnu which was created by Urvarishi. The Lord Vishnu is four-armed and stands high in a meditative pose.

Ardha Badri: The Ardha Badri when compared to others Badri temples, is the least. It gets the name “little Badri.’

Narasingh Badri: The Narasimha Temple of Badri is situated at 3km away to Vridha Badri. The image of Lord Badri is 10 inches tall and shows the god standing on a lotus.

Location & How to Reach Vridha Badri

By Air: The closest airport to the Jolly Grant Airport located in Dehradun. The airport is located at Joshimath. After that, drive for seven kilometers distance until Animath village, where the shrine is situated. There are many transportation options available from Joshimath until Animath Village and further on to Vridha Badri.

By Train: The closest railway station to the Rishikesh Station of the Railway. The station is located in Joshimath near Rishikesh. You will then drive for seven kilometres distance until Animath village, where the shrine is situated. There are many transportation services accessible from Joshimath until Animath Village and further on to Vridha Badri.

By Road: The Vridha Badri Temple easily accessible from Joshimath. It is possible to book buses starting from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi to various places in Uttarakhand. Arrive at Joshimath. Continue driving until the Virdha Badri temple, which is can be found at 7 kilometers in the Animath Village of Joshimath.