Located in

Chamoli, Garhwal

Recommended stay

1 days

Best time to visit

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Railway Station

Rishikesh, 194 kms

Nearest Airport

Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 214 kms

Famous for

Pilgrimage, Char Dham Route

About Nandprayag

Nandprayag is a town of a modest size situated at the holy confluence of Alaknanda along with the Nandakini River. The source of the Alaknanda River is Satopanth near Badrinath Dham and Nandakini River is formed at the apex of Nanda Devi Peak.

The belief is that holy bathing at the point of confluence with Nandprayag can wash away all sins.

Activities in Nandprayag

Nature Walk:Nature Walks in the evening or early morning are among the best options to discover the lush green landscape of Nandaprayag. You can walk to a an overlook point nearby and take in the stunning Himalayan views.

Village Tourism: Bangali is one of the few hamlets with a lesser profile located near Nandaprayag. You can trek to the village and walk around the picturesque village and discover their traditional lifestyle as well as their customs and customs.

Meditation The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that is a part of Nandaprayag is the perfect spot to sit and meditate, as well as connect with your own inner self. The air is refreshing and helps to cleanse the harmful elements in your both your mind and body.

Mythology about Nandprayag

According to legends and myths according to legends and myths, Raja Nanda had been promised blessing of Vishnu as the son of Vishnu. However that same promise was offered to Devki as the sister in prison of the cruel and tyrant King, Kansa. The gods finally discovered a solution for the issue, which was that Vishnu was to be born as Krishna to Devki but was brought to maturity by Raja Nanda’s spouse, Yasodha.

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What is Nandprayag famous for?

Nandprayag is a favorite among tourists for its Pilgrimage Char Dham Route.

Nandprayag is a well-known destination for these interests/activities The following are popular activities and interests: Char Dham Route, Others, Panch Prayag.