Located in

Dehradun, Garhwal

Recommended stay

         2 days

Best time to visit

Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov,

Railway Station

Dehradun, 96 kms

Nearest Airport

Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 126 kms

Famous for

Hill Station, Peaceful Location, Weekend Destination, Secluded

Chakrata | Uttarakhand

Chakrata is a town in cantonment as well as a sub district/tehsil located in the Dehradun district of the State of Uttarakhand, India. It is located in the middle of Tons as well as the Yamuna rivers, with an altitude of 2118 meters and 98 km away from the capital city of the state, Dehradun. Chakrata was initially an area of cantonment for British Indian Army. British Indian Army

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In the shadow of the sunlight-soaked Himalayas and the stunning mountain town Chakrata is among the most visited attractions in Uttrakhand. The town was previously called Jaunsar Banwar, and was conceived by the Britishers as a place to relax during summer.

It is filled with amazing nature and flora. it is home to some of the rarest species, such as panthers and wild fowls. This picturesque hill station gives stunning views for guests and is away from the craziness of touristy life. It’s full of water falls that cascade down and mountains that capture the attention of tourists by their stunning beauty.

This mysterious hill station has many of the most well-known attractions that entice tourists from all over the world to come and visit the place. Tiger Falls is the most famous attraction in the area that lies surrounded by dense deodar trees and tranquil hills. Deoban is a paradise for birdwatchers and visitors can see numerous species of birds that are colorful.

Chilmiri Neck is another popular tourist spot in the area that is famous to provide you with an amazing panorama of sunset. Chatkara is a well-known destination for rock climbing, trekking camping, river crossings and rappelling as well as swimming. You can also connect with the locals on a an excursion on bicycle or walking.

Chatkara has a mild and generally pleasant climate throughout the year. The average rainfall is 1734 mm annually. In winter, the temperature is reduced to the minus of -2 degrees Celsius as well as it gets heavy rain in this time of year. In summer, the temperature is around the 28 degree mark. Celsius.

Chakrata - A Magical Hill Station

The sunshine-kissed Himalayan mountain ranges. The stunning town of Chakrata is situated at an altitude of 2118 meters above sea-level. The town’s secluded, hilly location is located by the Dehradun district, and is a great getaway for backpackers on a weekend.

The coniferous forests are dotted with coniferous trees, Chakrata is a loner’s delight since it is away from the bustle and noise of city. It’s only 90kms from Dehradun the capital of Uttarakhand.

The majestic mountain ranges of Chakrata provide a variety of thrilling experiences, such as the heart-pounding climbing of mountains. Professional mountain climbers can conquer the Kharamba summit, which is the highest point in Chakrata boasting an astounding elevation that is 10,000 feet. In addition, Chakrata also has exciting hiking and camping in the forest, and village walks along the outskirts of the hill station.

Why Visit Chakrata?

The mystical hill station has stunning waterfalls that will draw the tired souls to getting married within the natural surroundings. A few of the treks in Chakrata traverse these stunning waterfalls, with the breathtaking Tiger Falls being one of the most beautiful.

Mundali which is a well-known tourist attraction close to Chakrata affords unspoilt panoramas of the Himalayas and the chance to ski in the winter months. For those who love adventure there are a myriad of colossal caves and temples of the past that are accessible here.

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History of Chakrata

The area of Chakrata was area of Sirmaur. The region was then conquered and occupied by the Gorkhas as well as by the British after the defeat of the Gorkhas during the Anglo-Nepalese war between 1814 and. At the request of British inhabitants from Delhi between 1816 and 1817, the Chakrata was the first city to be settled in Chakrata was established through Captain Birch.

Colonel Hume of the 55th Regiment of the British Indian Army established the cantonment of the British Indian Army in 1866. In April 1869 that the area was first filled with soldiers and officers. Around the year 1901, Chakrata Tehsil was a part of the Dehradun district of the United Provinces, which had around 51,101 residents.

About Chakrata Hill Station

Chakrata is a beautiful place that is far from the hustle and noise in a tranquil surroundings. The place is blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking views of nature and to west of Chakrata is the well-known Mussoorie and to the west, is the vibrant Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. The person is relaxed and is freed from the material advantages and stressors of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature and its mysterious creations that are best enjoyed in Chakrata.

Chakrata is a great location for nature-lovers as well as nature lovers, bird watchers and animal lovers as it is the home of nature and gives plenty of opportunities. Chakrata is awash with diverse fauna and flora, and has numerous walks from here that provide panoramic views. Chakrata is covered with blankets of snow in winter.

What is Chakrata famous for?

Chakrata is a well-known tourist destination for its Hill Station, Peaceful Location and the perfect weekend Destination, Secluded.

Chakrata is a recommended place to visit for corporates, Couples, Family and foreigners, children, groups and solo travelers.

Chakrata is a popular place to go for the various activities and interests like Biking and bird Watching, Camping, Cantonment Area New Year’s Eve as well as New Year, Emerging Destinations, Hiking, Hill Station, Honeymoon Destination, Leisure Weekend getaway.