Yamunotri Yatra

Yamunotri Yatra

Located in

Uttarkashi, Garhwal

Recommended stay

     1 days

Best time to visit

May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Nov,

Railway Station

Dehradun, 186 kms

Nearest Airport

Jolly Grant Airport

Famous for

Temple, Char Dham, Trekking, Scenic Beauty, Pilgrimage

Yamunotri Yatra | Uttarakhand

Affordable and cheap Yamunotri Yatra Tour The Yamunotri Yatra is a The Divine Travels, Yamunotri is a part of Char Dham (along with Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath) The four most highly revered Hindu religious sites throughout the Himalayas. The tiny mountain hamlet, that has the Yamunotri Temple in the center is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year. It is also the starting point of the Char Dham Yatra pilgrimage (May until October) that travels through Yamunotri up to Gangotri and then up to Kedarnath as well as Badrinath. It is situated inside a narrow valley near where the river originates Yamuna and the Yamunotri Temple is dedicated to Yamuna as the second most sacred river , after the Ganges. A bath in the River Yamuna is believed to shield people from premature death. People who are devoted either take a walk or ride a palanquin or pony to get to Kapat Temple (around 3,233 metres over sea level) at Janki Chatti, a steep climb of 3 km , which takes around three hours.Kapat is now open for darshan.

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The temple of Yamunotri is located at an elevation of approximately 3185 meters. It is an area with a significant religious significance for Hindus and is a must-visit for pilgrims.

Yamunotri is well-known because of its thermal springs as well as glaciers. It is part of the popular Char Dham Yatra. Yamunotri is the location of the Yamuna river. According to legend, Asit Muni was a revered sage who lived in this area.

The source of the actual lake is a glacier and lake of ice (Champasar glacier is also called Yamunotri Glacier) located on the Kalind mountain, which is at a height of 4421 meters above sea-level, around 1 km higher it isn’t a popular destination since it’s not accessible. Therefore, the shrine is located at the foot of this hill. It’s a long and difficult way to get there and therefore pilgrims offer an offering of pooja in the temple itself.

Yamunotri Dham Yatra

The source of the River Yamuna, Yamunotri is among the 4 locations of the Char Dham pilgrimage. Yamunotri is situated at an elevation of 3293 meters above sea level, and is located within the Uttarkashi district. It is bordered by mountains from all sides and is situated within close proximity to the border between Indo-China. It is renowned for providing peace and tranquility to tourists.

It is located in Bandarpunch Mountain is at a altitude of 6315 metres and is located to the in the northern part of Yamunotri. Yamunotri is located at 236 kilometers from Rishikesh 21 km away of Sanya Chatti 278 km from Dehradun and 176 km from Chamba.

It is believed that the Yamunotri temple is typically the first stop on Char Dham Yatra. Char Dham Yatra. The Temple is dedicated goddess Yamuna. Many devotees flock to this temple during the period from May through October. According to the legend, Yamunotri finds special mention in Hindu mythology as it was the residence of an ancient Sage, Asit Muni.

One of the most popular points of interest in Yamunotri include the Yamunotri Temple constructed in the 18th century by Maharani Guleria, the Maharani of Jaipur in the latter part of the nineteenth century. There is a small hot spring in Yamunotri where rice and potato are prepared by the pilgrims who visit this water and eaten as Prasad. Also, devotees pay respect to Divya Shila the rock pillar from the entrance to Yamunotri temple. Yamunotri temple.

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Activities in Yamunotri

Tourism for religious reasons : Yamunotri is a major holy place of pilgrimage in Hinduism. Visit the Yamunotri temple for a holy experience and pray at Divya Shila, then plunge in Surya Kund.

  1. Walking: The journey up to Yamunotri starting from Jankichatti is a relatively easy one. Enjoy the sensation of being in the midst of the majestic Himalayas and the splendors of nature while you trek toward Yamunotri.
  2. Photography: The stunning beautiful scenery of Yamunotri is a great location for those who love photography. The wild flora flora as well as White snow is things photographers should not miss in Yamunotri.
  3. Tourist attractions in villages: The villages in Yamunotri provide excellent spots to visit. Learn about local cuisines and the local traditions as you walk around the towns.
  4. Campsites: Enjoy nature wherever you go by camping in beautiful spots. Camping in the Yamunotri area is a great alternative for those who enjoy adventure and nature.
  5. Village Tourism: Go to local villages and discover their customs such as food, belifs, and religious beliefs, as well as the house’s architecture.

Mythology about Yamunotri

Yamunotri Temple is a symbol of the Gods. Yamunotri Temple is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna which is an image of the second-most revered river in India, River Yamuna. The Goddess Yamuna is the twin of Yama who is Yama, the God in the realm of Death as well as believed to be the mother of Surya Dev, the Sun god, and Sanghya the goddess of Perception. According to the Vedas, the Goddess Yamuna is known as Yami as the Goddess of the living.

Yamuna was named after the Yamuna was named after the angry Surya Dev, who was irritated by the fact that Goddess Sanghya could not see him with the eye because of his bright lighting. She was a bit floppy as she tried to open her eyes the presence of Surya Dev. As the goddess Sanghya attempted to open her eyes Surya Dev blessed the Yamuna to be honored as a goddess and immortalized forever. Goddess Yamuna also acquired the frivolousness of the incident.

According to legend, the great sage Asti Muni was hermit within the Yamunotri region. He bathed in two rivers, Ganga as well as Yamuna streams throughout his lifetime however, as he grew old and could no longer travel to Gangotri. The stream Ganga appeared opposite towards River Yamuna just for his unbroken ritual. Yamunotri offers a rare glimpse that shows Ganga and Yamuna in a single scene.

Kalind Parvat The mountain that is situated near the source of the Yamuna River is named after Surya Dev. Surya Dev is also known as Kalind and flowing out from Kalind Parvat Yamuna, it is also known as Kalindi.

Legend says the legend that Lord Hanuman after igniting Lanka burned out the fire from his tail while swimming in the freezing the waters in Yamuna near Banderpooch. This is why the peak is referred to by the name of Bander (monkey) Poocch (tail).

The belief of the devotees is that taking a dip into the Yamuna’s holy waters is a way to wash away their fears of death and helps them to forgive their wrongs. Pilgrims go to Yamunotri temple to ask for prayers for the blessings offered by Goddess Yamuna, Yama, Surya Dev as well as Goddess Sanghy.

Trekking to Yamunotri Temple

The routes of Yamunotri also has a short trek distance. The hike up to Yamunotri Temple begins from Jankichatti. Yamunotri is just 6 kms away from Jankichatti. Here is the complete guide for traveling for Yamunotri Dham of Uttarakhand.

Asit is situated at the base that comprise the Himalayas, Yamunotri is clad in a magnificent ambiance which is enhanced by flowing meadows, bubbling streams and turquoise lakes, as well as the diverse species of flora and fauna. A lot of adventurers prefer to walk here since they are submerged by magnificent peaks and the thick forests.

Breakfast will be served and you’ll begin your trek towards Yamunotri temple at the beginning of the morning. The hike up to Yamunotri temple is from Jankichatti is about 6 kms and is well-equipped with facilities such as benches, water points and resting places along the way. It is possible to have tea at the tiny tea stalls on the route. It takes about 2 hours to get to Yamunotri temple.

You’ll travel through snowy white forests with wild fauna and flora as well as captivating lakes and streams. The Himalayan mountains, covered in snow, surround your progress. Although the trek isn’t too difficult, however it is a bit hills and is often tiring. But once you get to Yamunotri temple and enjoy the breathtaking scenery surrounding you, you’ll be relaxed and content. In the Yamunotri temple you can participate in the puja ceremony, eat lunch, and then explore the surrounding area. Then, you’ll be back in Jankichatti the next day, and stay in the area to spend the night.

Facilities at Yamunotri Trek

In peak times there are numerous benches, water points and small sheds along the path towards Yamunotri Temple available after every 500mts. In the off-season the trails aren’t very well-maintained. To make it easy, you can ride Palki, Kandi, and ponies and mules until Yamunotri Temple. You must reserve them through Jankichatti.

The cost is contingent on the distance covered. Between Jankichatti up to Yamunotri, Dandi will cost about 1900 dollars, Kandi will cost Rs 800 and Poni cost Rs 640.

Travel Tips for your tour to Yamunotri Temple

  1. Make sure you get your Biometric registration prior to your visit towards Yamunotri Temple. You can finish your biometric registration online , at the major cities of Uttarakhand as well as on Jankichatti itself. Keep your AADHAR Card handy to register at Jankichatti. Find out the online procedure for the biometric register of Char dham.
  2. The timings for aarti and darshan for Yamunotri Temple have a small timeframe, so you should know prior to your visit and plan your trip in accordance with them. Yamunotri Temple opens at 6am and closes at 8pm for those who wish to go on pilgrimage. The morning aarti commences at 6:30 am as well as the evening one commences at 7:30 pm.
  3. There are a variety of lodging services available along the way to Yamunotri. Hotels of all kinds, including budget and luxury are located in Hanuman Chatti or Janki Chatti from which the trek towards Yamunotri starts. In peak times the hotels are full. It is important to book your rooms well in advance to ensure you can enjoy a comfortable time.
  4. Because Yamunotri Temple is located in the high altitudes, it can get extremely cold in winters, with snowfall beginning in December and continuing until March. The temperatures remain mildly cold and pleasant in the summer. Wear warm winter clothing during winter months and remember to pack a jacket and fleece during the summer months.
  5. The trek up to Yamunotri Temple isn’t difficult but the trek has some difficult slopes. Be careful when you walk.
  6. Only 2G networks available on certain phones are accessible in Jankichatti. 3G is available at Barkot while only BSNL is accessible at Yamunotri. You can ride via Palki, Kandi, and ponies and mules until Yamunotri Temple. You need to reserve your ride through Jankichatti in its own. If you travel from Jankichatti towards Yamunotri, Dandi will cost about 1900 dollars, Kandi will cost Rs 800 and Poni is Rs 640.

Other Places near and en-route Yamunotri

  1. Phool Chatti is a charming village, that is surrounded by beautiful flowers with fragrant scent, vibrant fruit trees, as well as ayurvedic herbs. The picturesque village is situated within 6 km of Hanuman Chatti and 2 km from Janki Chatti .

    Hanuman Chatti is a scenic town situated at the confluence of Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Hanuman Chatti served as the point of departure for Yamunotri Trek until the building of motor-friendly roads until Jankichatti. Hanuman Chatti is an ideal spot for tourists who are looking for a bit of adventure. It is also the starting point for many trekking routes, including Darwa Top and Dodital Lake treks, as well as the recently discovered trail of Gulabikantha.

    Syanachatti Syanachatti: This tiny city of Syanachatti is a crucial stop for travelers from Yamunotri. Located within a distance of 22 kilometers from Yamunotri and just 16 km away from Jankichatti, Syanachatti serves as an ideal spot where you can relax and enjoy all the natural beauty with out any interruptions.

    Saptrishi Kund Trek : You can extend your trek up to Saptrishi Lake, which was the origin of the River Yamuna.

What is Yamunotri famous for?

Yamunotri is well-known among tourists as a Temple, Char Dham, Trekking and Scenic Beauty and Pilgrimage.

Yamunotri is a top destination for kids and families Foreigners, Groups and Solo.

Yamunotri is a well-known destination for various activities and interests like Char Dham Yatra 2022, Pilgrimage to Temples, Trekking, and more.