Located in

Nainital, Kumaon

Recommended stay

     2 days

Best time to visit

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec,

Railway Station

Kathgodam, 57 kms

Nearest Airport

Pantnagar, 90 kms

Famous for

Hill Station and pilgrimage

Mukteshwar - The Apple Country

Mukteshwar is a pleasing destination situated at an elevation of 2,285 mts above sea level in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state. Mukteshwar got its name from a 350-year-old temple Mukteshwer Dham whose residing deity is Lord Shiva.

The top of the mountain on which Mukteshwar Temple stands offers astonishing and marvelous views of the imposing Himalayan range.

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Lying 50 kilometers away from Nainital in Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar is a quaint hill town that is popularly known for its stunning Himalayan mountain views and exhilarating adventure sports. Mukteshwar city has inherited its name from Mukteshwar Dham, which is a Shiva Temple lying here that dates back to around 350 years. According to the mythological significance of this town, Lord Shiva had once killed a ferocious demon at this place and granted him salvation.

The beauty of Mukteshwar lies in its narrow lanes and lush meandering trails that offer the travelers a rustic feel. The dense coniferous forests, picturesque orchards, tiny colonial style cottages, and rolling meadows add to the charm of this magical town. Mukteshwar tourism conglomerates a plethora of world-famous attractions that make this destination no less than a slice of paradise for nature lovers, peace seekers, spiritual enthusiasts, and photographers. Popular places like Mukteshwar Temple, Sitla, Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow, Chauli ki Jali, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Nanda Devi, and Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls propel a heavy influx of tourists to this destination throughout the year.

Mukteshwar is a destination where the travelers can enjoy an action-packed holiday, irrespective of the activities they are seeking. From shopping and sightseeing to temple visits and birdwatching, this place offers you a plethora of exciting things to take part in. Mukteshwar is also a hub for avid adventure seekers. The rocky terrains of this place make it very suitable for enjoying rock climbing and rappelling. You can also enjoy paragliding here that will let you glide across the clouds and float above lush valleys. Furthermore, trekking the serpentine trails and camping in the serene environs will also add to your euphoria in Mukteshwar.

Mukteshwar is blessed with a soothing temperate climate that makes it an ideal destination to visit throughout the year. The summer months of March to June is the best time to visit this town as the weather remains charming and balmy during this period, which favours outdoor activities.

Why Visit Mukteshwar?

Mukteshwar offers distinctly visible 180-degree views of the majestic Himalayan a range. The beauty of Mukteshwar is unpolluted and unaffected till date and accommodation options are growing here. It is believed that Lord Shiva killed a demon at this spot and he granted him salvation or Mukti.

The unspoiled beauty of Mukteshwar has a lot to offer. Wake up with the chirping of birds and sun rays kissing the cliffs and enjoy short treks in the woods. Jim Corbett, the world-renowned hunter and nature lover came to shoot a tiger here and fell in love with its natural bounteousness

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Activities in Mukteshwar

    1. Adventure Sports: Mukteshwar is popular for adventure activities like rock climbing and rappelling. The overhanging cliffs situated near Mukteshwar, known as ‘Chauli-ki-Jali’ is a popular spot for rock climbing. Paragliding is another popular sport at Mukteshwar.
    2. Trekking/HikingFor adventure souls, Mukteshwar does offer various options for trekking. There are many trekking trails in and around Mukteshwar. One can trek from Peora to Mukteshwar or Peora to Almora as well as Binsar to Artola.    
    3. Camping: Camping is another good way to spend time with your family and friends to spend some quality time in the lap of nature. Being situated amidst the dense deodar trees, Mukteshwar is an ideal place to camp and enjoy the beauty of nature.

History of Mukteshwar

The former name of Mukteshwar was ‘Muktesar‘ as cited in Jim Corbett’s book “The Temple Tiger.” However, the place came to be known by its present name after 1947. Mukteshwar remained in the hollows until 1893 and was only known for its ancient temples. 

Even the famous Nobel Prize winner scientist, Robert Koch has visited this place. The scientific equipment used by him are showcased at the museum managed by IVRI. The visitors attraction includes, the Hill carved cold room of the 1900s which is made up if biological materials.

Mythology about Mukteshwar

As per a Hindu legend, Lord Shiva had a fierce battle with a demon at Mukteshwar, when the demon was annihilated Shiva gifted him the boon of immortality or ‘mukti’. Therefore, the place came to be known as Mukteshwar meaning ‘Mukti+Ishwar’.


Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Nandaghunti, Trishul and Panchachuli are the major peaks visible from Mukteshwar. One one side Mukteshwar is covered by dense forest and on the other side it offers splendid view of the enchanting valley and the Himalayas.

Mukteshwar was developed by the Britishers as research and education institute (IVRI) in 1893. Perched atop a hill in a remote corner of Kumaon hills, Mukteshwar is bounded by fruit orchards and coniferous forests.

What is Mukteshwar famous for?

Mukteshwar is famous among tourist as Hill Station and pilgrimage.

Mukteshwar is recommended destination for Corporates, Couples, Family and Kids, Foreigners, Groups, Solo.

Mukteshwar is popular destination for following activities/ interests – Adventure, Camping, Christmas and New Year, Emerging Destinations, Hill Station, Honeymoon Destination, Leisure, Orchards, Paragliding, Romantic, Weekend Getaway, Yoga and Meditation.