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Pithoragarh, Kumaon

Recommended stay

     2 days

Best time to visit

Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sep, Oct,

Railway Station

Tanakpur, 273 kms

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Pantnagar, 336 kms

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Hill station and trekking destinations

Munsiari | Uttarakhand

Munsiyari is a charming village located within Munsiyari, a charming hamlet in the Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand state. It is nestled within the snow-capped peaks the Himalayas Munsiyari provides stunning views of natural beauty. The picturesque hill station is located at an elevation of 2298 meters above sea-level. Munsiyari literally translates to the place that has snow and is also known by the name of Little Kashmir.

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The hamlet is nestled in the snow-clad mountains that make up Pithoragarh, Munsiyari is a charming hamlet which remains snowbound throughout the entire time of the. It is a beautiful landscape, surrounded by majestic Himalayan mountains, Munsiyari is like nature’s amphitheatre. Every day and evening, you will take in breathtaking views of the sun rising to set behind sharp mountains. From here, you’ll take in stunning images of the sun-kissed Panchachuli mountains. Munsiyari serves as the place of origin for treks to Ralam Milam Glaciers as well as Nanda Devi Peak. Nanda Devi Peak. Munsiyari is set in lush greenery with close to that of the Munsiyari bugyal.

Why Visit Munsiyari Hill Station?

It has stunning views of the snow-capped upper Himalayan ranges. Panchachuli is an array of five peaks and is the main attraction of Munsiyari because they resemble chimneys. They are a breathtaking treasures among the stunning mountains in Nandadevi, Nandakot, Rajarambha and the mountains of Nepal Himalayas. The virgin landscape of the valley provide breath stunning views of the mountain ranges surrounding.

Munsyari is known for its beautiful beauty, trekking and hiking excursions. It is well-known among those who trek at higher altitudes and adventurers since it is the home location for Milam, Ralam and Namik Glaciers.

It was previously a closed region as it was wedged between the borders between India, Tibet and Nepal however, Munsiyari is now becoming an increasingly popular destination for trekking and The government of Uttarakhand is also pushing for this tiny paradise known as Kumaon.


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Treks starting from Munsyari

Namik Glacier Trek: Namik Glacier Trek: Namik glacier lies on Kumaon Himalayas, near Namik and Gogina. Gogina and Namik in the Pithoragarh district. It’s at an altitude of 3,600m. The route of Namik Glacier Trek lies on an ancient trade route between Indo-Tibet. The stunning glacier is surrounded by huge mountains like Nanda Devi (7,848 m), Nanda Kot (6,861 m) as well as Trishul (7,120 metres). There are numerous waterfalls which originate from here. Namik Glacier is the source of the Ram Ganga River. It is located 40 kilometers from Munsiyari.

The Panchchuli is at its peak.

The Panchchuli Peaks are a group consisting of 5 snow-capped Himalayan mountains that lie in the east Kumaon region of the Pithoragarh district. The peaks range in altitude between 6,334 and 6,904 meters. They are part of the watershed between Gori and Darmaganga valleys. Panchchuli is also situated within the Gori Ganga-Lassar Yakti divide. The region is 138 kilometers away from Pithoragarh.

Activities in Munsiyari

  1. trekking: Munsiyari is the base camp of a variety of short and long treks that go into the Kumaon’s innermost regions. Himalayas. Trekking through Milam Glacier, Namik Glacier and Ralam Glacier commences at Munsiyari. Trekkers, mountaineers and nature lovers flock to Munsiyari during the time of trekking.
  2. Village Tourism: known for its natural beauty and purity, Munsiyari is a mesmerizing destination that is surrounded Himalayan peaks that are covered in snow. You can visit the stunning village and discover the customs and traditions of the locals.
  3. bird watching: The thick forest of deodar, pine and rhodenderon which surround Munsiyari hosts numerous residents and birds that migrate, such as raven, wagtail, Himalayan falcon, griffon and serpent eagle, to be only a few.
  4. Shop at Munsiyari: You can purchase amazing hand-woven carpets as well as Himalayan tree saplings at the market in Munsiyari.

History of Munsiyari

Munsiyari, a toy city Munsiyari is situated on the salt route that originated from Tibet. Munsiyari is decorated in the middle to Johar Valley. Johar Valley, extending along the route of the Goriganga River to Milam Glacier and is its source. The region was previously home to Shaukas and Bhotiyas a seminomadic tribe who traded with Tibet. The trade ended in 1962 when the frontier with Tibet was closed. Because the area was not suitable for farming and the people were forced to relocate to other areas.

Mythology about Munsiyari

According to Hindu mythology that the Pandavas from the epic Mahabharata started on their last journey towards heaven via Munsiyari. The myth says that the five mountain ranges of Panchachuli represent that of the 5 ‘ “chulhas‘ or the stove on which Draupadi cooked her last dinner to her husbands.

Flora and Fauna in Munsiyari

Munsiyari is full of diverse species of flora and fauna. There is a wide amount of Rhododendrons. Pine as well as Deodar trees. Birds such as Wagtail, Raven, Falcon, Monal, Himalayan griffon and the serpent eagle are able to be found in the Munsiyari area. Leopards, Himalayan bear, Fox as well as Musk deer have found their homes in the high altitude forest of Munsiyari. The views of the Panchachuli mountains from Munsiyari is breathtaking.

The best timing to be there Munsiyari

March through April All of the forest region is ablaze with red the rhododendron flower, and the snow-capped Himalayas clearly visible. It’s an amazing place worth a visit.

The most suitable times to go to Munsiyari include:March, April, May, October, and November

What is Munsiyari famous for?

Munsiyari is well-known among tourists for its Hill station and trekking spots.

Munsiyari is a recommended place to visit for families and children Groups, Foreigners, and Solo.

Munsiyari is a popular place to go for the following interests/activities It is the ideal destination for Adventure, Base Camps (Trek), Emerging Destinations, Hill Station, Trekking.