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New Tehri

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    2 days

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Rishikesh, 77 kms

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Jolly Grant Airport, 87 kms

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Lake and Water Sports

New Tehri | Uttarakhand

New Tehri is a city and municipal board in the Tehri Garhwal District of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. This is the administrative capital for the Tehri Garhwal District. The urban municipality has 11 wards, ranging from Vidhi Vihar through Vishwakarma Puram.

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Thalaiya Sagar, Jonli, and Jonli, Thalaiya Sagar, and Himalayan summits towards the foothills close to Rishikesh. This is in which Ganga is seen in its initial form at Devprayag and River Alaknanda and River Bhagirathi are also joined in this area. Tehri is believed to as one of the sacred districts in Uttarakhand where pilgrims gather in great crowds to seek comfort and spiritual peace.

It is home to one of the most picturesque forests in the world, where you can see an array of fauna and flora at its absolute best. The serene and peaceful nature of the area provides the ideal digital break for visitors. The hilly terrain and the waterfalls of rivers seem like the perfect spot on Earth.

The top tourist destinations that draw tourists to this region include The Tehri Dam that is Asia’s biggest and most powerful dam. Chamba is another well-known spot in the area that offers an amazing view of the Himalayas and offers a stunning panorama of the Bhagirathi river. Devprayag is a holy spot in this area that is believed to represent the holy confluence point of two rivers that are sacred which are Bhagirathi as well as Alaknanda.

There are many exciting activities in this area such as rock climbing and trekking to boost your adrenaline. River rafting is a well-known activity that visitors can truly appreciate on Tehri lake. You can also take a boat ride through the lake to soak up the stunning views of this stunning city.

Tehri is a tropical city that has a tropical climate all year long The average temperature for the year is approximately 15.3 degree Celcius. Summer(March through the month of May) is the most popular time to visit Tehri because the weather is very pleasant throughout this time of year. The temperature in winter is between -10 and 10-degrees Celsius.

Upcoming Hub for Adventure Sports

New Tehri can be described as a contemporary town that was built on the top of a hill that stretches over an altitude between 1550 and 1950 meters above sea level. It overlooks the vast lake as well as the Tehri dam. There are also Himalayan views at New Tehri early in the morning, or on clear days.

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Why Visit New Tehri?

New Tehri is the district capital of the Tehri Garhwal district situated 16kms away from Old Tehri. The most popular tourist destination that is located in Tehri lies in the Tehri Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric power projects in the world. that harnesses the power of two major river systems of the Himalayas specifically Bhagirathi as well as Bhilangana.

History of New Tehri

Tehri Garhwal was ruled by the Parmar (Shah) Dynasty. In 1803 in 1803 the Gurkhas were able to invade Garhwal which was followed by British rule. In 1803 the East India Company then merged Kumaon, Dehradun, and east Garhwal into the British Empire and transferred the power for the west Garhwal over to Sudarshan Shah that came to be called Tehri Riyasat. King Sudarshan Shah chose Tehri his capital city, and their dynasty controlled Tehri from the year 1815 until 1949.

In 1947, when India was granted its Independence The people of Tehri Riyasat (Tehri State) began to protest against the monarchical rule. In the end, Manvendra Shah, who was the 60th King of Pawar Vansh, accepted the authority that was imposed by the Indian government. In the month of August 1949 Tehri Riyasat was merged with Uttar Pradesh and a new district named Rudraprayag was established. On February 24 of 1960, the state’s administration divided one of its tehsils and created an entirely new district named Uttarkashi.

New Tehri is the only planned city in Uttarakhand that is growing into a tourist destination due to of its warm temperatures and pleasant weather. New Tehri gets snowfall in winter. Numerous tourist attractions are being developed by the government in New Tehri.

Upcoming Tourism Opportunities in Tehri

  • Scuba Diving in Tehri Lake
  • Sea Planes in Tehri Lake

About Old Tehri

Tehri takes its name in ” Trihari” which is a holy place where you can wash away three kinds of sins: the sins that result from MansaVacha and Kamanaor thought or deeds, words and. The ruin of Old Tehri lies under water now, after it was flooded when the Tehri Dam was constructed.

What is New Tehri famous for?

New Tehri is well-known for its popularity among tourists as a Lake as well as Water Sports.

New Tehri is recommended destination for corporates, Couples, Family and Groups, Foreigners, Kids, and Solo.

New Tehri is popular destination for the following interests and activities like Biking, Adventure, Emerging Destinations, Hill Station Kayaking, Paragliding, leisure, weekend Escape, Yoga, and Meditation.